Walkerville Sports Club History 

Walkerville has always been regarded as one of the more prominent clubs of the northern suburbs, although city outskirts might be a more apt description of its location. A notice of a meeting of a proposed Walkerville Football Club to be held on 19th April 1876, appears in the local press of that year, and there is a record of a Walkerville club playing at Gilberton in 1883.

The present club was founded in 1901, and players wore red and white guernseys and played in the parklands opposite the Buckingham Arms Hotel on an oval to the north-west of that used by the North Adelaide Lacrosse Club. At the beginning of the 1911 season, the Club moved to its present site, then known as Pocker's Paddock, at the beginning of the 1911 season, and recruited many players from the ailing Walkerville Methodist club. Despite its rather exclusive address, the team of 1911 used an old horse tram as changing rooms until more permanent rooms could be built.

In 1921 the North Adelaide District Association was formed with Walkerville as a founding member, and the Club won 3 of the first 5 premierships. It remained with that association for the next 15 years until it joined the SAAFL. Right from the start the Club made its presence felt and by 1950 had become A1 premiers with a repeat in 1953.

The Club changed its colours from chocolate and blue to blue and white in 1955 because at least three other teams wore chocolate and blue (the original state colours). This must have changed the Club's luck, however, because only twice thereafter did it compete in A1 finals.

New club-rooms were built in 1969 and in 1978 the Club used Park 11 (Graduates Oval) on Frome Road while Walkerville Oval underwent maintenance. The Club amalgamated with North Adelaide Reserves (formerly Thompsons) in 1979, and joined the S.A.F.A. the following year, returning in 1990. When the Club won the A4 flag in 1992, it joined Flinders Park as the only club to win premierships in all grades from A1 to A6. Sid Maley holds the SAAFL record for most goals kicked in a season (155 in A2 in 1936) and in a match (26 in A1 in 1946)

Walkerville Sports Club


Past Players Day August 15 vs Kilburn, Walkerville Oval

Celebrating the threepeat of 1990 A’s, B’s, and C’s, A grade premierships in 1940 and 1950, B grade and C grade premiership’s 1980, and that unforgettable day that was the D grade win in 1970!


We kick off at the club at 1:30 pm, and look forward to reconnecting and reliving the some great times at the Cattery!


President Mark Webber- [email protected]

Finance Director Pau Reid- [email protected]

Facility Manager Mick Hopton- [email protected]

Events Manager- [email protected]

Sports Director Ben Gibson- [email protected]


Patrons must be seated to consume food and/or drink of any kind (alcoholic or non alcoholic) when inside the Club.  Patrons can either just eat, just drink, or eat and drink at the same time, but it must be while seated;

Patrons must be seated to consume food and/or drink of any kind (alcoholic or non alcoholic) when located in an external area attached to the club room such as a grand stand or balcony.  Patrons can either just eat, just drink, or eat and drink at the same time, but it must be while seated;


Patrons must be spectating and in turn located around the perimeter of the playing field for the following to be permitted:
Patrons can consume alcohol in this area but must be seated at all times.  If snack food or hand held food is also being consumed at the same time, then the food must also be consumed while seated;
Snack food or hand held food and/or non alcoholic beverages can be consumed by spectators while seated or standing around the perimeter of the playing field, providing it is in an area other than those attached to the club room, such as a beer garden, grand stand or a balcony.



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